Sriracha lovers around the world erupted into a state of utter horror and disbelief when they heard the rumor that production might be suspended indefinitely due to a lawsuit initiated by the city of Irwindale, home of Huy Fong Foods manufacturing plant. Get this, the city was complaining of the SMELL! What a strange turn of events, considering how many people have expressed great interest in a Sriracha perfume.

The manufacturing plant has rooftop vents with filters that absorb approximately 90% of the chilli and garlic odors from the processing exhaust, and Huy Fong has done everything in their power to better contain the delicious aromas. California is the home of Huy Fong, and we’d like to keep it that way. So, with the assistance of Governor Jerry Brown’s office, an agreement was reached with the city to drop the suit. Add it to the state seal, shout it from the rooftops and break open that box you’ve been guarding with your life.