For many customers, Sriracha is not just a condiment; it’s a way of life. Incorporating the sauce into almost every meal, keeping it on-hand at all times, eating it straight out of the bottle; some might call it obsession, but it must be love. With memorabilia ranging from iPhone cases to T-shirts to Lollipops, the Sriracha craze is evident, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to deny the possible existence of an organized Sriracha Festival.


The Official Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Shop

Spice up your life with official merchandise straight from the birthplace of the world’s favorite hot chili sauce. You’ll find tees to proudly proclaim your Sriracha fandom, socks to keep your toes piping hot, knick-knacks of an unusually fiery variety, a zesty selection of rare Sriracha flavored treats, and more exclusive products to celebrate that sweet and bold Sriracha love.

The Oatmeal Shop!

Just one of the many fan sites offering endless praise for Sriracha and its many uses.


The Sriracha Cookbook!

Entire cookbooks have been published in celebration of Sriracha, chronicling all of the new and often unthinkable ways patrons use this spicy sauce.


Sriracha, the movie!

Sriracha has earned a cult following, but the story of this spicy sauce is a mystery to most fans. Dedicated to Sriracha lovers, this fast-paced documentary travels around the globe to reveal its origin and the man behind the iconic “rooster sauce.”